Book Review: The Thief


The Thief A Novel by Stephanie Landsem

Howard Books

Pub Date Apr 1, 2014

This book takes us to Jerusalem where mouse comes from a very poor family so poor that it comes to the point he  must steal in order to feed his family.  Soon Mouse finds himself being chased by Roman Centurions. 

Mouse desires to find a job so he no longer has to steal. 

Nissa must steal as well in order to survive.  There Father takes all of their earnings and gambles them and their Mother is often drunk on wine.

Set during the time of Jesus will the Messiah help Nissa and Mouse when Jesus heals her older Brother Cedron of blindness will it help Nissa and Mouse see the light?

Will Nissa and Mouse continue to have to commit crimes in order to survive or will they find freedom like Cedron did?

Longinus  (mouse) is soon arrested and faces death for Following Christ.  Will he be put to death or will a miracle allowing him to live.

I give this book five out of five Stars

Happy Reading


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