Book Review: From Bags to Riches

From Bags to RichesA Jessie Stanton Novel – Book 3
by Sandra D. Bricker

Abingdon Press

Christian, Religion & Spirituality

Pub Date 01 Mar 2016 

I was given a copy of Bags to Rickes through the publisher and their sponsorship with netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows:

Danny asks Jessie to marry him, but she tells him she needs to think about it.  She fears the stalker who has been following her despite the ankle monitor he wears.  Jessie does eventually say yes to Danny’s marriage proposal.  Jessie’s aging dying Grandfather is determined to live long enough to give her away.  Shortly after Jessie and Danny marry her Grandfather dies.  Leaving Jessie understandably heartbroken.  But she soon discovers too that she may have been legally married too, to another man.

Will Jessie find her happily ever after with Dannny, or will the past continue to haunt her.

Find out in From Bags to Riches

Five out of five stars

Happy Reading



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