Book Review: When Anything Goes

When Anything Goes

Being Christian in a Post-Christian World
by Leslie Williams

Abingdon Press

Christian, Religion & Spirituality

Pub Date 01 Mar 2016

I was given a copy of When Anything goes through the publisher and their partnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows:

This book talks about what it’s like to be a Christian in a post Christian world and how in the past few decades the face of Christianity has changed.    The author points out that since the days of the Great Depression Divorce rates have skyrocketed and the Big Bang theory has become the preferred explanation of our Creation instead of the creation story.  

Williams points out that the search for the meaning of life starts at birth.  This book reminds us too that Gods love is not something that has to be bought it is His gift to us and far better than anything we could buy.

We are reminded too that God sent Jesus asthe “Messiah for an inner kingdom, not a military or political leader.”

Leslie William’s uses the analogy of her under utilized phone in comparison to the way we under utilize the Holy Spirit.

I give this book five out of five stars.

Happy Reading


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