Book Review:The World Beneath


The World Beneath

A Novel
by Janice Warman

Candlewick Press

Children’s Fiction

Pub Date 24 May 2016

He dreamt his older brother Sippho was hurt.  His older brother who was away in Johansberg trying to earn money to help his family.  His Mother assures him it’s only a dream.  

Joshua’s Mother works as a maid for a white family but the family does not wish to have him around which has him worried after their little daughter takes a liking to him and wants to play.   

Soon though Joshua must escape and find freedom.  The master of the household cannot know he is there and soon he finds himself on his own.

Soon it is discovered that Sippho is murdered along with a Black Concseuss leader by the name of Steve Biko.  

Set in South Africa in the mid to late 1970’s The World Beneath does a good job of contrasting the lives of Wealthy white Aficans to the Poor Black Africans and the prejudices that were still very much part of life then, but the Murder of Steve Bikko only seemed to intensify that fight, rightly so.

I give this book five out of five stars

Happy Reading 


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