Book Review: Shadowed Eden


Shadowed Eden

Beguiled: Book One

by Katie Clark

Pelican Book Group

 You Are Auto-Approved

Watershed Books

ChristianTeens & YA

Pub Date 26 Apr 2016

I was given a copy of Shadowed Eden through the publisher and their partnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows:

Avery knows she should be afraid landing in the Middle East, her Father an Archaeologist.  Avery and a group of other teens are in the Middle East on a Mission trip when on their way the van they are in gets caught in a sandstorm and they end up lost in the jungle.  In the Jungle they come across strange bright lights and other strange things.  The Jungle is full of strange things. In the Jungle they fight Demons and strange happenings.

In the jungle nothing is at it seems and most everything ends up being a fight against evil. 

I give this Unique well told story five out of five stars.

Happy Reading…


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