Book Review:Jump


by Michel Sauret

One Way Street Productions

ChristianGeneral Fiction (Adult)

Pub Date 16 Mar 2016


I was given a copy of Jump through the publisher and their partnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows:

When he was a child his parents had him jump off branches of an old oak tree in order to measure his faith.  When he was ten for the first time his Father asks him if be wants a birthday present and when he says a toy gun his Father tells him he will get him a sword instead when he opens the gift on his tenth birthday he is dissapointed to find its a Bible.  He mumbles and curses under his breath.

When his Father takes him into a pet store to get a shock collar he thinks at first they are getting a dog but soon discovered the collar is to shock his strong willed little sister Arminelle into obedience.  But despite that Christopher is jealous of his sister she has a beautiful voice unlike most five year Olds.

By the time he is sixteen Christopher is hiding the fact that he is gay from his parents.  He wonders if you can “pray the gay away.”  When he was Seventeen Christopher applies to colleges all over Pennsylvania, but none of them Christian colleges.  And when he was eighteen Christopher made his final Jump.

Christopher ends up going to Pitt against his Fathers wishes and his parents refuse to help him.    Christopher meets Lena at school and she invites him to her church but the church is unlike what Christopher is used to.  Despite going to church though Christopher still finds himself fighting his impulses.  But his new church seems to be a series of contradictions, pastors trying to make more money from the families. 

Finally Christopher seeks help for his born addiction. 

By November Arminelle is sending Christopher emails about their Mother’s poor health, when he goes to find out what’s being done he is distressed to find out his Father refuses to take her to the doctors to see what is wrong.  He insists that they are doing best for her by praying and laying hands on her. By Christmas of that year his Mother dies.  Despite all the prayers, angry and defeated Christopher heads back to college. 

After failing all five of his mid terms Christopher once again decides to leave this time he is unsure what he is searching for.  While on his search he ends up traveling with a young man named Stephon and while in one town Stephen’s tires are intentionally flattened.  Showing Christopher that prejudice still exists. 

Jump is a novel about one young man’s journey of self discovery as well ashes search for God.

I give this story five out of five stars

Happy Reading


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