Book Review: Elizabeth of York

Elizabeth of York

A Tudor Queen and Her World
by Alison Weir

Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine

Ballantine Books

Pub Date 03 Dec 2013

This book will transport you back to Tudor Era England where we are given a look into the life of Queen Elizabeth of York.

Elizabeth of York was born on February 11th 1466 and she was the first princess born to the English Monarch in over a century.  As a daughter of royalty Elizabeth would have gotten used to travel in infancy.

We learn too that in the fifteenth Century it was very desirable for a queen to have blonde hair and a fair complexion.

On April.19. 1483 when Elizabeth was only seventeen she lost her Father to an unknown disease.  Edward was succeeded by his twelve year old Son Edward V.  

On July. 6. 1483 the new king and queen were crowned.

We learn too that Elizabeth was very much family oriented.  

If you are looking for a book that gives a good detailed description of the life of a Tudor Queen,  Elizabeth of York then this is just the book for you.

Five out of five stars

Happy reading….


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