Book Review: An Open Heart

An Open Heart

A Novel
by Harry Kraus

David C Cook
David C. Cook
Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction (Adult)

Pub Date 01 Jun 2013

Rebecca Jackson is a PhD, a research pharmacologist who is soon kidnapped as she heads out on the Nariobi slum where she was staying.

Her Kidnapper is not asking for a ransom though instead he wants to show her that her drug trials are killing the very people they should be saving.

AIDS did not kill these Children though it was because the Mothers of the Children were told they could not breastfeed with the drug.

In order for the doctor to free her he wants her Uncle to donate Formula and Medical care for the infants whose Mothers are told not to breastfeed because of the drug.  The only problem is Rebecca Jackson is not close with her uncle.

Rebecca Jackson is released and flies back to the States but soon a Seizure lands her in the hospital and the doctors give her devastating news but despite that she signs herself out of the hospital against Doctors advise.

When Rebecca Jacksons health continues to decline and she ends up having to have a biopsy on the tumor and a shunt placed in her brain to ease the pressure her father steps in and declares her as incompetent but all Rebecca wants to do is function long enough to work on a formula that could save millions of lives.

Will Rebecca Jackson finish her research or will she die trying.

I give this book five out of five stars 

Happy Reading


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