Book Review:The Mended Heart


Mended Heart

by Mary Manners

Pelican Book Group

 You Are Auto-Approved

White Rose Publishing
Christian, Romance

Pub Date 20 Aug 2010 |

I was given a Copy of The Mended Heart Through the Publisher and their partnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows:

Jade Mcallister returns home to Piney Grove to care for her ailing Mother who, she’s been astranged from for her years.

One of the first people Jade runs into when she is headed to the first day at her new job at Piney Grove Church is Shane, she knew him in high school.   

When Jade sees him with a little girl and she calls him Daddy, she assumes he is married with a small child not realizing his late sisters child calls him Daddy, because he was the only Daddy she ever knew.

After Jades Mother dies and she learns he knew the secret her Mother kept about an affair she had when Jade was growing up will Jade be able to forgive for herself, for Shane and for Susie the little girl she has grown to love.

Happy Reading

Five out of five stars.


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