Book Review:A Sisters Crusade

A Sister’s Crusade

by Ann Turner

Troubador Publishing Ltd.

Romance, History

Pub Date 28 Apr 2016 

I was given a copy of A Sister’s Crusade through the publisher and their parnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows:

For as long as they could remember life for the villagers have been hard.  Esma finds herself pregnant Lord Oswwyn after he assaulted her.  When she gives birth to a daughter she drops her off at the Lord’s front gate with a note, stating that she cannot care for the child.

Though Sisters, Rowena is more favored than Aubrette.  Aubrette is treated more like a slave than the daughter of a Lord.

Just as Rowena is getting married, Aubrette meets the mother who was forced to give up.  

Rowena is weakened after giving still-birth to a son, but she is determined to give her husband a Son.  

When Rowena continues to have miscarriages, Aubrette sleeps with Rowena’s husband, and they have a Son that Rowena will raise as her own.

Set during the time of the Crusades, A Sister’s Crusade, is the story of love, Lust, forgiveness, and even redemption.

I give A Sister’s Crusade five out of five stars

Happy Reading!


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