Book Review: Undesirable ractices


Undesirable Practices

Women, Children, and the Politics of the Body in Northern Ghana, 19301972
by Jessica Cammaert

University of Nebraska Press

Politics, History

Pub Date 01 Jul 2016 

I was given a copy of Undesirable Practices through the publisher and their partnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows:

This book brings to light the undesirable practices placed upon women in Northern Ghana.  In 1930 a questionnaire entitled “Customs affecting the Status of Women in West Africa and the questionnaire dealt with questions about female circumcision and how they affected the lives of the woman and also suggested ways that a difference could be made.

The chapter goes on to talk about issues of Women and Slavery in West Africa, and the hesitancy to expand female education.

This book talks about how Christian Sects played a role in influencing the practice of female Circumcision.

The Practices of Child Slavery, Pawning and Child Trafficking are also discussed.

This book talks about both the positive and negative roles some of these Policies placed upon those in West African Society have.

I found this book to be both educational and informative.

Five out of five Stars

Happy Reading  


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