Book Review: These Dark Wings

These Dark Wings

by John Owen Theobald

Trafalgar Square Publishing

Head of Zeus
Children’s Fiction

Pub Date 01 Jul 2016 

I was given a copy of These Dark Wings through the publisher and their parnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows:

It’s October 1940 when this book opens. Hitler has already began building and he learns that on September.27th his Mom became a victim of one of those bombs.  Soon the young girl finds herself at her uncles place becoming the guardian of the tower.  

Caring for the Ravens in the tower still gives her plenty of time to remember and grieve her Mother.  Other than her Uncle, Anne really has no one her Father died when she was only five and with her Mother now dead too, she must adjust to life in the tower.  But even the Tower cannot shield her from the sounds of bombs falling all over London, and the lives being destroyed with them.

The Ravenmaster is a unique yet powerful story about a young girl coming of age and dealing with a loss at a time when when it felt very much like London was going to fall.

I give The Ravenmaster five out of five stars!

Happy Reading.


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