Book Review:Sewn With Joy

Sewn with Joy

by Tricia Goyer, Sherry Gore

Harvest House Publishers

Christian, General Fiction (Adult)

Pub Date 01 Sep 2016

I was given a copy of Sewn with Joy through the publisher and their partnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows:

Sewn with Joy opens up in Pinecraft a little Amish community within the city limits of Sarasota Florida.  

Pinecraft is different from other communities because Electricity is allowed due to the oppressive Florida Heat and the need for air conditioning.

All of her life Joy Miller has wanted nothing more that to Marry and have many children.

Matthew Slagel moved back to Pinecraft to be closer to his parents three years prior, and soon finds himself looking forward to courting Joy.

Joy too finds herself Daydreaming about Matthew Slagel.  Her thoughts of him and the love she feels even keep her up at night.

Soon Joy finds out that the Englichers are filming a show about Pinecraft and the Amish community there.

Soon Joy finds herself working on Costume design for the television show, causing tension between her and Matthew because his Father is the Bishop and is against the filming of the television show.

Joy needs the money she earns though to help pay for her Father’s treatments.

Will Matthew come to realize she was only thing to help her Father or will he remain upset with her?  

I give Sewn With Joy five of of five stars

Happy Reading…

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