Book Review: Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me

Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters
by Lizbeth Meredith

She Writes Press

Parenting & Families, Nonfiction (Adult)

Pub Date 20 Sep 2016 

I was given a copy of Pieces of Me through the publisher and their partnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows:

March.13 1994 and Liz is four years out of a divorce with her abusive ex husband and her husband has been granted visitation rights.  She still fears this man who spent the marriage isolating  Liz, abusing her and threatening to kill her.

Liz knew abuse before her marriage too Gregory her Mother too was abusive.  

Soon it becomes evident that Greggory has kidnapped their two daughters and taken them to Greece.  

On December.28th 1994 more than ten months after the abduction the Greek Courts decide to enforce the American Custody order.

Liz buys a round trip ticket to Greece for half price leaving the first week in May.  But not everyone cooperates and even after she is able to see her girls to have them with her again she is not able to leave immediately and her ex husband is still free.

Pieces of Me is a powerful story of a Mothers fight to bring her kidnapped daughters back home again.

I give Pieces of Me five out of five stars.

Happy Reading


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