Book Review: Fixing Perfect

Fixing Perfect

by Therese M. Travis

Pelican Book Group

White Rose Publishing
Christian, Romance

Pub Date 09 Jan 2015 
I was given a copy of Fixing Perfect through the publisher and their partnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows:

A young woman, murdered her body posed like a dancer in mid-plié.  The young woman was Lehanie Haro.  Lehanie had been babysitting a little girl, a little blonde girl who had gone missing.

Sam Albrecht must wait for the detectives before he can do his job.

Robin Ingraham uses crutches due to disability but that does not mean she is willing to settle for just any guy.  

A man named Donovan continually goes to the co op when Robin is working, but Robin has no interest in this man who keeps telling her he wants to take her photograph but she has no interest in that, her interest is Sam.

Soon a little girl who had gone missing days before is found murdered, her hair dyed, and a pair of crutches made out of twigs and twine to mimic Robin’s is found.  

Soon Sam finds himself as the suspect and is being charged with murder but Robin knows it’s not Sam, could never be Sam,  he would never kill anyone.

The disabled young boy Robin considers her best friend goes missing too.

Will Sam be able to prove his innocence and save Kerry and Robin before they become the killers next victims?

Find out in Fixing Perfect

Five out of five stars

Happy Reading


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