Book Review: Loving Vs Virgina

Loving vs. Virginia

A Documentary Novel of the Landmark Civil Rights Case
by Patricia Hruby Powell

Chronicle Books
Teens & YA, Children’s Nonfiction

Pub Date 31 Jan 2017

I was given a copy of Loving Vs Virgina through the publisher and their partnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows:

Loving Vs Virgina takes us back to 1950’s Virgina where Segregation and racial inequality are ripe, and sadly people are judged by the color of their skin.  

In this beautifully written Lyrical novel we see how inferior “Colored Schools” we’re to the ones white kids attended.

We meet Mildren an African American Girl and Richard a Caucasian boy who is friends with Ray a Colored boy who dropped out of Highschool just like him.

By 1955 it is pretty evident that Richard is developing feelings for Mildred.

This book is based on a true story, a Caucasian boy falls in love with a Colored Girl in a time and place when it seems normal.

From teen pregnancy to discrimination to forbidden Love Loving Va Virgina covers them all.

In 1958 Richard and Millie get married in Washington D.C but go back to live as husband and wife in Virgina despite the fact that they are breaking the law.  When the Sherriff learns of this he comes and arrests Richard and a very pregnant Millie (Pregnant with her second child. 

Loving Vs Virgina is a book well worth reading I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Civil Rights Movement.

Five out of five stars.

Happy Reading.


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