Book Review: Choosing Real

Choosing Real

An Invitation to Celebrate When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned
by Bekah Jane Pogue

Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Shiloh Run Press
Christian, Religion & Spirituality

Pub Date 01 Dec 2016

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of Choosing Real through the publisher and Netgalley:

This book encourages us to embrace the everyday moments of life, and see Jesus in them.  It reminds us that though we are human, and creatures of Flesh, God still loves us.

Bekah Jane Pogue reminds us of the importance of Soul Care, and taking times to ourselves, as well as allowing ourselves to be appreciated.

Even in times of grief, of loss, God gives us reminders to help us through, a favoritevColor, a favorite flower, a favorite food of the one we lost.

The importance of being real is emphasized, and the author calls real the new perfect.  She reminds us that even when we vent and whine, God will still love us, and we should not give others this Pollyanna view of ourselves, allow the imperfections to be shown, but don’t be overcome by them.

The author goes on to encourage us to take time away from Social Media, and connect with those we love, to remember that Facebook, doesn’t do the same thing as a face to face conversation with the ones we love.

I give Choosing Real five out of five Stars.

Happy Reading…


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