Book Review: A Month of Mondays

A Month of Mondays

by Joëlle Anthony

Second Story Press
Middle Grade, Teens & YA

Pub Date 07 Mar 2017
Thirteen year old Suze Tamaski has three people who think they are her Mother,  her older Sister Tracie who has been Mothering her since she was three, when their Mother left, her Aunt Jenny when an Authority figure is needed, and her birth Mother Caroline who sends the checks.

Suze has spent a lot of time in the principals office.  After a ten year abscence her Mother just shows up, Suze comes home to find her Mother in her living room.

Will Suze be able to build a relationship with her Mother, after a decade long abscence?

Will she get a new appreciation for the older sister who was more like a Mother too her, and to the Father who stayed and raised her?

Find out in A Month of Monday’s.

Five out of five stars.

Happy Reading.

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