Book Review: Just Fly Away

Just Fly Away

by Andrew McCarthy

Algonquin Young Readers

Teens & YA

Pub Date 28 Mar 2017

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of Just Fly Away through the publisher and Netgalley:

Lucy Willows thinks she and her sister Julie are her Fathers only Children, until she learns they have been lying too.  There father had cheated on their Mother and Fathered an eight year old boy Thomas.

The news of her Fathers affair effects Lucy more than Julie.  

Upset Lucy runs away to her Grandfathers needing space to think about what happened.  But when her Grandfather has a stroke and dies it is her Father who is with her, having driven all night until he was with his daughter.

Will Lucy be able to forgive her Father, and accept the fact she has a little brother.

Find out In Just Fly Away!

Five out of five stars

Happy Reading 


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