Book Review: Slender Reeds: Jochebed’s Hope

Slender Reeds: Jochebed’s Hope
by Texie Susan Gregory
Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Shiloh Run Press
Romance, Christian
Pub Date 01 Nov 2016

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of Slender Reeds: JOcheb’s Hope through the publisher and Netgalley:

In a time when the Pharoh had passed an edict, kill every Hebrew Male infant which meant the joy Jochebed should have felt for having a son turned into fear, and terror and a determination to do what she must to save her child.

EIght years prior to the booth of her son, Jochebed is bethroted to Amraham, one day a child, the next now a woman.

Shiptrah was only a half breed, and had no place at the temple. The only time they are permitted to see the Temple is during the time of special offerings, but Shiptrah has dreams but her Father feels she was cursed, and wants her dead. But Shiptrah recovers and goes away to learn midwifery from her Aunt.

This is the story of two women, who were willing to go the dangerous path God set before them.

I give Slender Reeds: Jochebed’s story five out of five stars.

Happy Reading.


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