Book Review: From Depths We Rise

From Depths We Rise
A Journey of Beauty from Ashes
by Sarah Rodriguez
Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Shiloh Run Press
Biographies & Memoirs, Christian
Pub Date 01 Oct 2016  

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of From Depths We Rise through the publisher and Netgalley:

This is Sarah Rodriguez, a woman who drew up in the midwestern gal who falls in love with Joel, a New Yorker, who is a guys guy. Joel proposed to her on October.16.2004, she accepts and they were married on July.02.2005. After the wedding they move to a little apartment in the Bronx.

After years of Invitro vertilization the couple is still not pregnant, and soon her Husband Joel is believed to have a bladder infection, but when he begins urinating clots, even after he is on anti-bodics they realize something is definitely wrong with Joel. After more testing they discover he has kidney cancer. The cancer had been undiagnosed for years, and had completely engulfed one of his Kidneys.

After treatments he is in remission. After a couple of more months of IVF treatments, Sarah finally becomes pregnant, and Pregnant with twins. Soon she discovers one of the babies is no longer there. She is relieved when the remaining baby is born and all seems to be well, but she is worried about her husbands results. They are heartbroken to learn shortly after Milo is born her husband’s cancer returned.

While in surgery to remain the tumor for Cancer, her husband Joel has a stroke. Joel indures time in rehab hospital, but while there has another stroke. On Friday July,23,2013 at 9;36 a.m her husband is pronounced dead.

Sometime after her husband’s death, they are able to place a part of her huband in her, when they implant two frozen embryo in her. Before long she discovers she has having a girl just like her husband had said before he died.

After her baby is born she discovers that her daughter Ellis has Menningitis, and it affected her brain. Her daughter is put into a medically induced coma when her brain starts swelling, and her body becomes wracked with seizures. The doctors arent sure she will make it, and if she does they fear there is a good chance she may never walk or talk.

Eliis does survive, and even thrives.

This is the story of incredible tragedy and loss, but it is a story of hope and love, and miracles as well.

I give From Depths We Rise five out of five stars.

Happy Reading.


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