Book Review: Historical Rural Churches of Georgia

Historic Rural Churches of Georgia
by Sonny Seals; George S. Hart
University of Georgia Press

Arts & Photography, Christian
Pub Date 01 Sep 2016

I am volunatarily reviewing a copy of Historic Rural Churches in Georgia through the publisher and Netgalley:

From Baptist Churches to Methodist churches, from churches dating back to 1788. Ch

Church buildings of course did not begin in Georgia, but Georgia is full of unique, quaint Church buildings. The oldest Church structure being Jerusalem Lutheran, in Effingtan County the church was built in 1733 and the oldest Baptist Church in Georgia is Powerlton Baptist, in Hancock Country which was built in 1798. During the times of Slavery and up until recent times Churches were segregated as well as schools. Black Christians would often turn to Evangelical Christianity for hope in the midst of the darkness.

Hebron Presbyterian was founded in 1797, in Banks County. Mt. Olivet Methodist originated in 1868 in Banks County.

The vivid photographs, and histories behind each church in this beautiful book. We are taken on a visual journey through the Historic Rural Churches of Georgia through these beautifully photographed churches.

I give Historic Rural Churches of Georgia five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!


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