Book Review: Sorrow & Songs

Sorrows & Songs
One Lifetime – Many Lives
by Janice Wood Wetzel
Fullarton Press

Biographies & Memoirs
Pub Date 15 Dec 2015  

Janice Wood Wetzel Childhood was not typical from the time she was a yong child she faced loss, she endured abuse from her Mother, and Father who both had issues with alcohol, and she tried to forget about the unexpected bumps and bruises on her Mother, not wanting to admit her Father caused those abuse, her brother was so traumatized he would spend his life running away from the problems up until his death at 68, from Cancer.

By the time she was seventeen the family had moved fifteen times while her Father was transferred from one Ge Plant to another, and eventually after the loss of a great Aunt where the family inherited a sizeablr inheritance they would move to Altadena and her Father would quit his job at GE.

Before she finishes school she discovers she is five months pregnant, having gone all the way with a boy, and her parents send her to live with an Aunt, where she is soon hospitalized and nearly dies in childbirth, but instead of her Mother comforting her, she slaps her where the stitches all, causes excurating pain, and her Father would not even talk to her while she was in the hospital, eventhough she had nearly died.

At twenty eight, she would get a call from her Mother one night, she’d get a call saying her Father had committed suicide, and five months later her Mother would be dead too, after slipping in the shower, a bottle of alcohol found nearby.

In the meantime Jancie was dealing with her own failling marriage, her own issues with alcohol and a husband who was mean when he drank.

Their Father would win custody of the children, not unusaul during the time. After awhile Janice would come to fall in love with a woman, and awhile later she realizes she wants a man in her life once more and begins a relationship with a man but when she wants to get to serious, he decides to break the realationship off.

I give Sorrows & Songs foour out of five stars.

Happy Reading!


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