Book Review: Grace Alone

Grace Alone

by Ruth E. Meyer

Concordia Publishing House

ChristianLiterary Fiction
Pub Date 14 Feb 2017

Archive Date Not set

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of Grace Alone through the publisher and Netgalley:

Grace Williams is the single Mother of four kids ranging in aged from  three to fourteen.  She has no desired to complicate things with a relationship but she meets David a new neighbor whose acopy Christian.  Soon her children v show interest in church,butGrace warns David she I’d not church material. 

Her son Freddie has a speech impediment doo just follows a long doing what others ask him.

Her oldest Faith is into Volleyball but also considers herself a fashionista.  And her youngest Katie is a little social butterfly. Jackson her other Son has been caught stealing money from his Mother and from the charity box at church.

Soon Grace finds herself falling for David but when he cancels their first date because he can’t date a non-believer she is heartbroken.

Will Grace come to accept the Lord in her heart, and re siege died for her sins?  Will she learn to forgive herself as the Lord forgave her?

I give Grace Alone five out of five stars.

Happy Reading.


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