Book Review:Attend


Forty Soul Stretches Toward God

by Laura Davis Werezak

FaithWords / Center Street

ChristianHealth, Mind & Body
Pub Date 21 Feb 2017

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I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of Attend through the Publisher and Netgalley:

In this book Laura Davis Werezak through the publisher and Netgalley:

Laura Davis Werezak reminds us of the importance of being present in our relationship with God.  She reminds us too that anyone can turn to God at anytime and in any situation and we will experience transformation.

We are reminded too that we cannot hide from God.  She encourages us to take time to turn off our devices and listen to God.  

We are reminded too of the importance of giving our worries to God before we go to bed. 

The importance of asking someone we have wronged for forgiveness is also highlighted.   And the importance of admitting our sins to God is also emphasized.

We are reminded to of the importantce of taking a day off.

I give Attend five out of five stars.

Happy Reading


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