Book Review: Tutti’s Promise

Tutti’s Promise

by K. Heidi Fishman

Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Members’ Titles

Children’s Fiction
Pub Date 01 Apr 2017

Archive Date 30 Mar 2017

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of Tutti’s Promise through the publisher and Netgalley:
This is a novel based on a true story.  Ruth Lichtenstern Fishman was born on July.17.1935 in Cologne Germany, just two yeaes prior to her birth Hitler had come into power.

In the Summer of 1940 her favorite Uncle Robert takes her on a lunch date to break the news to her that he willbe moving to England.  As the war goes on, it is becoming more and more dangerous for Jews in Germany and bordering countries.  

Jews by the thousands were being forced into Ghetto’s.  By the stary of the School year in 1941 more restrictions have been placed on the Jews Jewish Children are only allowed to attend Jewish Schools, they arent allowed to go the same stores, to the theatres or parks. That year all Jews over six are also forced to wear Yellow Stars that are sewn onto their clothing.  

A Curfew is also placed on All Jews from Eight o Clock at night until Six in the morning.

In the Fall of 1943 Tutti’s family is forced to move once more.  Tutti is forced to leave all her toys behind except one doll.  When they are all callef to report tothe police headquarters they are forced to go into hiding, in order to save themselves and their Children.

They soon go to live in the upper floors,the syorage rooms of a friend’s house, wherethey must never wear shoes, so no one hears them.  But jusr three weeks later after being given passports they thought would help them they are taken to one of the “work camps”. 

On July.17.194t despite being in the Work Camp Tutyi’s Father is able to take time to surprise Tutti with a doll. 

Tutti’s Promise is not only a srptory of the horrors of the Holocaust, but of survival as well.  Tutti and her lityle family survived sa dly many did not.

I give Tutti’s Promise five out of five stars.

Happy Reading.


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