Book Review: Hip Hop Tails:A Bit of Sugar

A Bit of Sugar

by Deborah Wilson

Dog Ear Publishing

Middle Grade, General Fiction (Adult)

Pub Date 23 Sep 2016

I am voluntarily reviewing Hip Hop Tails: A Bit of Sugar through the publisher and Netgalley:

Laura Maynor is in the fourth grade, she goes to Winslow Elementary School and her teacher is Mrs. Tucker.  Her class is reading Little House in the Big Woods, but Laura is lost in herb own story.  In her story Laura is riding the most beautiful story.

Laura wants a pony more than anything, but her Mother doesn’t think she is ready for the responsibility yet.

When Laura finds out she will be having riding lessons she is excited.

When her Pop pop takes Laura to a horse auction he gets her a pony. A pony that needs some serious TLC.  They dont realize until she is checked by the vet that Sugar is in foal. 

I give Hip Hop Tails: A Bit of Sugar five out of five stars.

Happy Reading.


Archive Date 20 Jan 2017

Dog Ear PublishinMiddle


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