Book Review: The Rhyming Diary of Jason Smith

The Rhyming Diary of Jason Smith

At the end of his Key Stage 2 Career

by Trevor Cattell


PoetryChildren’s Fiction
Pub Date 28 Sep 2016

Archive Date 18 Jan 2017

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of The Rhyming Diary of Jason Smith through the publisher and Netgalley:

Jason Smith is eleven years old and he loves words, especially worfs that rhyme.  

He introduces us to his classmates Melissa Morgan who is overweight and he says is always eating.  He envies Johnny Causer who will likely one day be a soccer star.  

He likes his teacher Mr. Brown as a whole, but he grows tired of his Math lessons even when they aren’t in Math Class.

He intoduces us to his Big Sister Sophie, who he calls weird, she even pierced her nose.  He finds his little sister Melanie annoying, shes always asking him to play.

He talks about his orange and white cat Ginger and his dog Toby is his best friend but he died, which made Justin very sad.  He talks about flowers and trees and his neighbor Liam’s kite.

He talks about the day a dog showed up at school.

I give The Rhyming Diary of Jason Smith five out of five stars.

Happy Reading!


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