Book Review:  Conceptions


by Wendy Stenzel Oleston

Maven Publishing USA

Maven Christian
Romance, Christian

Pub Date 10 May 2016 

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of Conceptions through the publisher and Netgalley:

Joni Bishop finds herself loosing her virginity to her boyfriend Blaine in the Fall of 1992, unfortunately Blaine does not have his Condom with him, and Joni ends up Pregnant.  Joni’s father is furious, and threatens to call the cops and accuse Blaine of Rape.

Joni at only fifteen goes to stay with another family who wants to adopt her child, but she really had no choice in the matter.  Her parents are not only dealing with her pregnancy, but her sister is dying as well.  When her sister dies her parents don’t even inform her, her boyfriend is the one who ends up telling you.

In June of 1993 Joni gives birth to a son who she loves enough to give to the family who can better care for him.

Joni decides to go get help after giving up her Son and loosing her sister.

It’s the Spring of 2015 Shanna Price, she is the oldest daughter of a well respected family, she attends a Catholic High School.  Her Father is a lawyer her Mom does Charity work, but her life changed when she met Cory.  She quickly learns Cory is all about Sex. They never use protection.

Shanna ends up pregnant with Cory’s Child.  Despite her uncertainties Shanna does something she though she’d never do and has an abortion after Cory forces her into it.

Shanna soon finds herself having Casual sex with different men, but Brett helps her to see she is not a whore.  After spending years healing Cory and Shanna become friends once more.

It’s the Fall of 2015 Tabitha Johnson is a first year student at the local college.  She only had sex one time, but becomes pregnant.  Lawrence her gay best friend is the baby’s Father.

I give Conceptions five out of five stars

Happy Reading! 


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