Book Review: Door to Freedom

Door to Freedom

by Jana Kelley

New Hope Publishers

Pub Date 03 Mar 2017 

I am voluntarily reviewing Door to Freedom through the publisher and Netgalley:

Mia and Michael Weston have spent the last two years raising their family in North Sudan. The Weston’s are Christians living in a Muslim country.

Rania the daughter of a wealthy Sudanese Arab is trying to figure out what happened to her sister, why she suddenly just vanished.

Raina’s friend Amal commits suicide by ingesting Henna Ink.

During the month of Ramadan Raina secretly begins reading the book of John.

When a warning comes on about all from Western nations residing in Sudan to be diligent the danger becomes even more real.

This is the story of two women finding their ways to freedom.

I give Door to Freedom five out of five stars.

Happy Reading


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