Book Review: Beyond the Ninety Five Theses

Beyond the Ninety-Five Theses
Martin Luther’s Life, Thought, and Lasting Legacy
by Stephen J. Nichols
P & R Publishing

Pub Date 30 Nov 2016   

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of the Ninety Five Theses through the publisher and Netgalley in exchange my honest review which is as follows:

In the years leading up until 1517 Luther’s troubles increased. Martin Luther questioned the practices of the Catholic church during a time when doing so could be dangerous, even life threatening.

Martin Luther was born on November 10 1483 in Eisleben and died on February.18.1546. In 1492-1498 he attends school at Mansfield, Magdeburg and Eisenach.

In 1509 receives B.A in Bible.

In 1525 Martin Luther was married.

On May.05.1507 Martin Luther performs his first Mass at his ordination

In 1519 he writes The Blessed Sacrament Of the Holy and True Blood and Body of Christ.

Beyond the Ninety Five Theses is full of information on Martin Luther, and the reformation, as well as his personal life and his writing.

I give this book five out of five stars.

Happy Reading.


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