Book Review:  The Dead Inside

The Dead Inside

A True Story
by Cyndy Etler


Sourcebooks Fire
Teens & YA, Biographies & Memoirs

Pub Date 04 Apr 2017

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of The Dead Inside through the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows:

The Dead Inside is a true story, a true story of the horrors that went on inside  of a drug rehab for kids called Straight Incorporated.  On the outside people believed Straight Incorporated was a drug rehab but on the inside it was something much different.

Cyndy equated getting high to getting safe.  By the time she is thirteen Cyndy is having sex with men old enough to be her Father or Grandfather even.  She spends as much time away from home as she can.

At Straight Incorporated Make-up is not allowed and the kids are subject to invasive strip searches.  They weren’t allowed to watch television or even read during the first phase and during the second phase they were only allowed to read the Bible.

Straight took kids who were not drug addicts or alcoholics and made them believe they were, they treated these kids like prisoners.

This book is meant for those above the age of fourteen due to strong language an subject matters.

I give The Dead Inside four out of five stars.

Happy Reading.


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