Book Review: Setting Boundaries With Negative Thoughts and Painful Memories.

Setting Boundaries® with Negative Thoughts and Painful Memories

How to Stop Hoarding Your Hurts
by Allison Bottke

Harvest House Publishers

Self-Help, Christian

Pub Date 01 Apr 2017 

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of Setting Boundaries with Negative Thoughts and Painful Memories:

She grew up with a Mother who in the fifties and sixties saved a lot of paperwork, then they didn’t have a name for it now they call them hoarders.  Thankfully her Mother did not save unsanitary trash, and they weren’t on the verge of being buried by mounds of refuse.

When she was a toddler her Mother got Spinal Menningitis and because there father was unable to care for them they were out in temporary foster care.  She and her younger brother were sent to live with foster parents, who physically, sexually and mentally abused them and neglected them there older sister was more blessed she lived with a loving foster family.

A short time after they were sent back home, her parents divorced Something Allison would blame on herself.

At 16 Allison had her Son, at seventeen she escaped a violent marriage and got divorced.  At eighteen her new marriage is over and she has an abortion.

The book reminds us to stop hoarding our hurts, because it is when we stop hoarding our hurts that healing begins and we are reminded too of the need to assemble supportive people, we need to nip excuses in the bud we also need to implement a plan of action that will move us forward in healing, we also need to trust the voice of the Holy Spirit, and we also need to yield everything to God.

There comes a point in time when every Christian needs to give his problems to the Lord.

I give Setting Boundaries With Negative Thoughts and Feelings five out of five stars.

Happy Reading.


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