Book Review: One Perfect Lie

One Perfect Lie

by Lisa Scottoline

St. Martin’s Press

General Fiction (Adult) , Mystery & Thrillers

Pub Date 11 Apr 2017

I am voluntarily reviewing One Perfect Lie through the publisher and Netgalley:

Things aren’t always what they seem and that is certainly the case with Chris Brennan.  Chris Brennan is a fake he has applied for a teaching job at Cental Valley High School but he is a fake.  On paper he looks perfect, but in reality…

Chris in fact isn’t Chris at all but in fact Curt Abbott.  Curt in fact has something else in mind, something sinister.  He rents a truck big enough to carry an ANFO bomb but is he out to hurt people or help them?
Ryan’s Mother senses something is wrong he is being secretive and one night she gets a call from him saying he’s at the police station.  Ryan is arrested for burgularly .  

Raz is angry, throwing a bat in anger when he does not make it as a starter.

When Abe ends up  Everyone believes it is a suicide and the first Sunday after his death Chris knows better though.  Abe was murdered and he vows to get justice for the teacher.

Soon the teammates start getting pics of naked girls.  Sexts.

When Raz’s Mother finds a gun in her Son’s room, she’s fearful.

Is Curt really a bad guy, or is he out to catch the bad guys?

Chris isn’t who he says he is, in fact he is an Undercover ATF Agent trying to stop something big from going down on the anniversary of The Oaklahoma city bombing.

Can Chris/Curtis stop these people from destroying more lives?

Find out in One Perfect Lie?

Five out of five stars.

Happy Reading!

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