Book Review: Martin Luther In His Own Words

Martin Luther in His Own Words

Essential Writings of the Reformation
by Jack D. Kilcrease and Erwin W. Lutzer, eds.

Baker Books


Pub Date 18 Apr 2017 

I am reviewing Martin Luther in His Own Words through Baker Books and Netgalley:

The first selection of writings by Martin Luther (1520) in this book was Luther’s Treastise On Liberty which was written in the wake of several significant events amongst them the Leipzig debate his excommunication by Pope Leo X and most likely his so called Reformation breakthrough. 

In this selection Martin Luther says that a Christian is the free Lord to all and subject to none, but he also adds that a Christian is the most dutiful servant of all and subject to everyone.  Like many of his other writings he goes on to talk about what it is to have faith, to understand that personal relationship with Jesus.

The next selection of writings in this book was Martin Luther’s Commentary on Galatians in 1531.  The coomentary points out that Paul in the gospels reminded us that whatever isn’t of God is sin.  He reminds us too that God gave us a way to Salvation.

Sola Gratia was a preface to St. Paul’s Letters to the Romans.  In this preface to Romans Martin Luther encourages the reader to memorize the book of Romans because it is the gospel in its purest form.

In The Third Article of the Apostle’s Creed Maartin Luther writes about the Holy Spirit, and the way he is crucial in a Christian’s worship.

Sola Scriptura reminds us of the reasons Christians need to reject the Doctrine of Men, and follow the ways of God.

The Bondage of the Will are reminded that we need to bring the scripture throughout the world, so everyone can find the good news.

Soulus Christus reminds us that true Christians incorporate the life and name of Christ into their own lives.

The Second Article of the Apostle Creed talks about the second person of the God Head (Jesus) and how we as Christians need to build a personal relationship with Jesus.

In Commentary on Galatians this book points out that Hesus took on the weight of all our sins when he was crucified on the cross, carrying the weight of the sins of the world.

Soli Deo Gloriana in this writing Martin Luther points out that we learn there is only one God, and he goes on to talk about who God is.

In The Lord’s Prayer Martin Luther breaks up The Lord’s Prayer into Petition, explaining each segment.

I give Martin Luther In His Own Words five out of five stars.

Happy Reading.


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