Book Review: Fatal Mistake

Fatal Mistake

A Novel
by Susan Sleeman

FaithWords / Center Street

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Pub Date 09 May 2017

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of Fatal Mistake through FaithWords and Netgalley:

This book transports us to Spotslyvania County Virgina, where Oren is about to kill his friend from childhood Tara Parish because she knows the truth about him, he’s a killer.  She is able to contact the FBI but will she be saved before The Lone Wolf gets her too?

Tara is shot but the FBI gets there in time to save her, still she cannot feel safe until Oren, The Lone Wolf is captured.

From Spotyslvanaia County Virgina too Dufur Oregon, to Fairfax Virgina.

It comes to light that Oren had been keeping a journal one he called Ode to Tara.

Will Tara be able to find safety once more?

Will she find love?

Will the FBI agent who is slowly falling for Tara be able to protect her?

If you liked action packed, clean suspense, I highly recommend Susan Sleeman’s Suspense novel Fatal Mistake…


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