Book Review: Revolution


by Piet Hein Wokke

XowoX Publishing
Historical Fiction , Mystery & Thrillers

Pub Date 01 May 2017 

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of Revolution through XowoX Publishing and Netgalley:

This book takes us to the Middle East during World War 2 where Abdullah is led away from the path of the prophet.  Food shortages are making people desperate.  Abdullah is only ten or eleven and trying to feed a younger brother too.

After the death of Mr. Darwish Abdullah finds his life has become more difficult. The money he made from shinning shoes was not much, but it helped as did the pieces of Pita bread and leftover Pastry at breakfast now he had none of that, and walked the streeets hungry.

On the other side of the desert Khalid learns the harsh laws of the desert show Khalid God’s laws are easier preached than followed.

By 1948 Abdullah finds that his education is completed and he is being told he will be working for the King.

I give Revolution four out of five stars.

Happy Reading.


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