Book Review: A Stranger at Fellsworth

A Stranger at Fellsworth

by Sarah E. Ladd

Thomas Nelson–FICTION

Thomas Nelson

Pub Date 16 May 2017 

I am reviewing a copy of A Stranger at Fellsworth through Thomas Nelson and Netgalley:

Annabelle Thorley finds herself having to rebuild her life after her deceased Father’s financial ruin.  Her fiancé called off their Bethroal and she finds herself at the mercy of her controlling often cruel brother.

Her brother tries to force her to marry an unkind wealthy man, and soon decides she must leave her brothers house, and go to where her uncle has a school.

Annabelle finds herself wondering if her life would have been different had she had a more loving, available Father.

Will Annabelle find the family she desires, the one her Mother dreamed for her?

Find out in A Stranger at Fellsworth.

Five out of five stars.

Happy Reading.


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