Book Review: The Con Man’s Daughter

The Con Man’s Daughter

A Story of Lies, Desperation, and Finding God
by Candice Curry

Baker Books


Pub Date 16 May 2017

I am reviewing The Con Man’s Daughter through Baker Books and Netgalley:

When Candice Curry was a little girl, she found herself sticking her hands in her Dad’s pockets so she wouldn’t get lost in large crowds.  At the time she couldn’t know the things she was learning from him. She would later learn they lived a Con Man’s lifestyle.  Living in stolen houses, driving stolen cars, using borrowed credit cards.

By the time she is thirteen Candice comes to realize her Dad is not like other Dad’s.  Growing up she considered her Dad the cool Dad.

She talks about her family falling apart piece by piece.  She talks about the summer their Mother and Father separated then moved back in together.  By the time she was a senior Candice Mother has a boyfriend, one that shows her that she is loved.

After finishing high school she attended College in a nearby city.  She had hopes of majoring in criminal justice, and becoming a judge a way of rebelling against her criminal Father, but soon she finds the pressure to be to much and drops out of her classes.

On March 20, 2000 Candice gives birth to a daughter, her and her then husband determined to do their best for the child.  At the same time of their daughters birth they were divorced but Candice was determined that her daughters father would be a part of her life.

In Summer of 2010 Candice’s triplets are diagnosed with Autism.

When Candice was twenty her Father remarried.

The Con Man’s Daughter is the story of loss, of sin, but it is also the story of redemption and grace.

I give The Con Man’s Daughter five out of five stars.

Happy Reading.


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