Book Review: Ascension of Larks

Ascension of Larks

by Rachel Linden

Thomas Nelson–FICTION

Thomas Nelson

Pub Date 20 Jun 2017 

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of Ascension of Larks through Thomas Nelson-Fiction and Netgalley:

Magdalena (Maggie) Henry is a fiercely independent globetrotting photographer.  She shoots portrayals of daily life around the globe.  Currently she’s on assignment for Time Magazine.

While on assignment Maggie learns of her best friend’s death when on assignment.  Marco leaves behind three children.  An unlikely friendship began between Marco and Maggie during Maggie’s freshmen year.  He was the dark haired, dark eyed Italian women swooned over.

Marco married Maggie’s best friend Lena, Maggie had been unable to tell him how she felt about him.  Lena and Marco have three children so Maggie headed back to the next flight to the States so she could help with the kids.

While there Lena too is in an accident, which leaves her in a coma.  They cannot tell if she wiall suffer permanent deficits until she regains conciousness.  After the seriousness of Lena’s injuries comes to light, CPS gets involved saying Maggie cannot care for the children even on a short term basis, because she’s not family.  While searching for paper Maggie discovers that both Marco and Lena left the children in her care.

Everyone is relieved when Lena wakes up with very little in the way of long term effects.  

I give Ascension of Larks five out of five stars.

Happy Reading!


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