Book Review: Whispers of the Wind

Whispers of the Wind

Also Includes Bonus Story of The Scent of Magnolia
by Frances Devine

Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Barbour Books

Pub Date 01 Jul 2017

I am voluntarily reviewing Whispers of The Wind through Barbour Publishing, Inc and Netgalley:

This book takes us to 1881 Georgia where we are introduced to Abigail James, she has come to Georgia to become a teacher.  She will be teaching at the Cecilia Quincy School for the Deaf.  The first child she meets is a little blind girl named Lily.  Most of her students are deaf, but they are able to read lips.

Abigail is surprised to learn that sign language is not taught in the school.  When Abigail tries to talk to the head about teaching Sign Language but he refuses.  When the owner of the school discovers the way the director spoke to her he calls him out on it, and explains that they will be teaching Sign on a trial basis.  Even Lily Ann takes to learning Sign Language, but Abigail knows she would benefit from learning Braille.

Doctor Trent, the doctor for the school soon finds himself falling for Miss Abigail James.

The Scent of Magnolia’s follows Whispers in The Wind once again takes us to the Cecilia Quincy School for the Deaf, in February of 1892 Helen Edwards.  Molly Flannigan is her favorite Pupil,but soon  a new student Margaret targets Molly as a bully and Lily Ann.

Will Helen find true love in Molly Flannigan’s father?

Find out in The Scent of Magnolia’s five out of five stars.

Happy Reading!


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