Book Review:Maya Lin

Maya Lin

Thinking With Her Hands
by Susan Goldman Rubin

Chronicle Books

Children’s Nonfiction , Middle Grade

Pub Date 07 Nov 2017 

I am voluntarily reviewing Maya Lin through Chronicle Books and Netgalley:

As a child Maya did not dream of becoming an artist, but a veternarian.  She and her brother roamed the woods behind there house on Cable Lane in Athens Ohio, where they would sit quietly watching the animals.

Maya Yin Ling was born on October 5,1959, her Father was a Cermatist and her Mother a poet, both of her parents taught at Ohio University.  Her parents had been born in China but escaped to the United States during a Civil War in the 1940’s.  As a child Maya did not think of herself as an Asian American, but as white because she wanted to fit in.  It wasn’t until later that she embraced her Asian Heritage.

Maya had been a child when the Vietnam war broke out.  When planning the Memorial she wanted to o so in a way that created a unity between the nations passed and present.

Maya and her professor were the only one’s in their class that submitted their entries for the Memorial.  The deadline was March.31.1981 she said it took longer to write the statement than design the Memorial.

On the last day of classes Maya got a call from Washington someone from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial fund wanted to talk to her, out of 1,421 entries her design won the contest.  Despite her winning the contest her professor only gave her a B- on the assignment.  After she graduated from Yale Maya moved to Washington DC to become a consultant on the project.

After the success of the Vietnam War Memorial Maya was offered other memorials which she refused Neil 1988 when she was asked to help design the Civil Rights Memorial.

Maya Lin is the story of a remarkable woman who has chosen to make a difference through her art.

Five out of five stars.

Happy Reading!


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