Book Review: Echo Foxtrot


by Clare Revell

Pelican Book Group

 You Are Auto-Approved

Christian , Teens & YA

Pub Date 20 Nov 2015

I am reviewing a copy of Echo-Foxtrot through Pelican Book Group and Netgalley:

Jim, Staci and Lou are rescued by the air force after having to spend sometime alone  Lou was attacked by a shark four months prior, and has a raving infection in her leg.

The three had gone to try and rescue Aisha, who’d been on the island for six years, a local tribe helping to care for her.

Lou looses her leg to the infection, and is hurt and bitter, but with help will she pull through this, and realize the loss of her leg does not mark the end of her dreams?

Will the three of them be able to get back to the buissness of living?

Find out in Echo-Foxtrot

Five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!


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