Book Review: A Matter of Trust

A Matter of Trust

by Susan May Warren



Pub Date 04 Jul 2017 

I am reviewing a copy of A Matter Of Trust through Revell and Netgalley:

Gage Watson is a champion backcountry snowboarder.  Gage now finds himself saving those danger seekers from themselves.  He soon finds himself having to save a downed Snowboarder, whose hanging barely hanging on to a branch, the only thing stopping him from falling.  

Ella was once a huge fan of Gage Watson, now she wants to find him before her friend Dylan McMahon  ends up killing himself skiing over the terminator wall.

Can Ella convince Gage to change Dylan’s mind, despite their past?

When Dylan does not listen and goes over the wall, the family wants to blame it on Gage, but Dylan had Marijuana in his system.  Her brother Brett also tries to help Dylan.

Will Ella loose her brother as well as her friend?  Or will Ella herself become a casualty? Or will they make it off the mountain?

Find out In A Mattet of Trust!

Five out of five stars! 

Happy Reading!


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