Book Review: The Finding

The Finding

by Meg Campbell

Troubador Publishing Ltd

Children’s Fiction , Historical Fiction

Pub Date 28 Apr 2017 

I am reviewing a copy of The Finding Through Troubador Publishing Ltd, and Netgalley:

Esther is thirteen, her legs do not work, and her family keeps her hidden, but she wants to stop her Mother from taking her sister Becky to the witch.

Essie manages to get herself outside, and crawls down the street, to help save her sister, not from a witch but someone she thought was a witch because her hands were stained black fro. chemicals.

Her family treats her as if she is a dog,   The photographer decides she wants to use Essie for pictures, she likes her just as she is, and she will be paid, but Essie still fears she’s a witch.  But Essie discovers she likes being with the “Good Witch”.

The “Good Witch” takes her on a boat to see a Doctor who may be able to fix her legs, and allow her to walk again, and she takes her to buy new clothes, and on a train.  But Essie must go the Hospital For Sick Children, where her legs are straightened with Splints and she learns to walk with Braces and Crutches.

I give The Finding five out of five stars.

Happy Reading!


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