Book Review: The Heritage

The Heritage

by D J Presson

Kwill and Keebord Publishing

Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Members’ Titles

Historical Fiction

Pub Date 30 May 2017 | Archive Date 03 Aug 2017
I am reviewing The Heritage through Kwill and Keebord Publishing and Netgalley:

Seventeenth Century England was awash with corruption, war, inequality and misery.  The common people feel powerless to do anything about it.

June 1647 London, King Charles the First is under house arrest.  January 1649 Nick and his family illegally begin printing out pamphlets, he had smuggled the illegal printing Press to London in 1638.

This book is a romantic tale set in the backdrop of a time of political unrest.

This book takes place during a time when King Charles the first is under trial.  But King Charles refuses to plea because he feels that no one has the right to judge him, as he is the King.  Many look at King Charles 1 a traitor.

On May .15.1649 Anne and Edward Marry.  Soon Anne gives birth to a Son.  Anne not only prints others work and advice but she writes fictional stories under a Pseudonym, Just Thankful.

But soon Anne looses her husband and her infant son to an unexplained sickness, that leaves just as it had come, with death and destruction.  Anne was bedridden most of the winter due to the choking grief, the loss of her Mother, her baby and her husband was more than she could bare.  Anne had not been able to write a word since the loss of her family.

I give The Heritage five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!


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