Book Review: Beneath Cooper Falls

Beneath Copper Falls

by Colleen Coble

Thomas Nelson–FICTION

Thomas Nelson

Pub Date 11 Jul 2017 

I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of Beneath Copper Falls by Thomas Nelson Publishers and Netgalley:

Dana Newell is a 9’11 dispatcher who takes pride in being calm in the most stressful of circumstances, because not only has she dealt with an emotionally charged career she also recent escaped an abusive ex-fiancé so she could move to tranquil Rock Harbor, a place she hoped would lead to a more peaceful tranquil life.

But Rock Harbor hides danger and more scars than it can reveal at once.  Dana is drown to Boone who wears the pain of his sister’s murder on the inside and out.  

Naomi O’Reily suffers a head injury and must be airlifted.  She was hiding waiting for the authorities  to find her but someone attacked her.

Garett Dana’s ex-fiancé finds her in Rock Harbor.  Soon it becomes obvious that Garett attacked Naomi.

Will Dana Newell ever truly feel safe again?  Or will she continued to be haunted by her ex-fiancé?  Will he finally be caught?

Find out in Beneath Copper Falls!

Five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!


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