Book Review: She’s Still There

She’s Still There

Rescuing the Girl in You
by Chrystal Evans Hurst

Zondervan Non-Fiction


Pub Date 08 Aug 2017 

I am reviewing a copy of She’s Still There through Zondervan Non-Fiction and Netgalley:

This book encourages us to believe that a uniquely beautiful life can be ours.  And we are encouraged to choose to wrestle for the win.  This book reminds us too that though we may not want to embrace where we are, we should embrace who we are.  We are encouraged to believe that your present is not all that is impossible.  We are reminded too that our darkest moment is only a moment in time.

This book goes on to remind us that without confession true restoration and healing cannot begin.  The author points out too that owning our story is a sign of strength, and we are encouraged to believe we are made for more.

We are reminded that Drifts in life don’t last forever.  Unintentional living eventually reaches a dead end.  The author points out too that a trip through our own narrative is a trip worth taking.  And we are reminded that being lost does not equate to us being lifeless.  We are reminded too that the antidote to distraction is focus- the choice to pay attention and live aware.  And we are reminded that a small drift left unattended will over time, make a big impact on our final destination. The author also reminds us we have the ability to choose.   We are reminded too that we are a divinely inspired work of art, and that we are neither an accident or after thought!  The author goes on to point out it’s not as much about having the answer as it is learning it. This book encourages us to pay attention to the beauty of our soul and the pulse of our existence.  We are reminded too that our drifts, decisions and collisions don’t define us.  We are encouraged too to learn to believe he value of who we are because of whose we are.  And to never forget that we are loved.

In this book we are also reminded that we carry precious cargo.  And it reminds us too that just because we know it does not mean we grow, and that is our job to participate consistently and intentionally in our life.  We are reminded too that in order to change our life we are going to have to do something different. The book also points out that God expects us to discover, develop and deploy our gifts as we live life.  We are also reminded we don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward. 

The author goes on to point out the importance of not being so engrossed in the buissness of living life that we forget to take care of our body!  We are reminded too that our soul is designed to be filled with the abundant life, that comes from the living spirit. We are reminded too that although God is all knowing, and all powerful he still uses people in our lives.  We are encouraged not to despise the small steps we take, and we are reminded that God will never leave us without a next step.  We are encouraged too to make connections in unexpected places and to walk through the open doors the Lord opens for us.  We are also encouraged to connect what we know, with what we do then we will watch new doors open to us.

We are reminded too that we exchange the nurture of our soul for the demands of the here and now, and then wonder why we feel empty, buried and lost.  We are reminded too that significance is a gift to be both given and received.  The author points out too that relationships take time, and our relationship with God is no different.  We are encouraged too not to reach the end of our life and reach our goal realizing we were to focused on the result to enjoy the journey.

The author goes on to remind us of the importance of doing what we can with what we have.  We are encouraged too to build on the gifts God has given us, not to minimize them.  We are encouraged too to pay attention to the decisions we are making the way we are living life, because that is important!

We are reminded too of the importance of silencing the negative talk.

I would recommend She’s Still There to Christian women of all ages!

Five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!


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