Book Review : Losing Leah Holloway


Losing Leah Holloway
A Claire Fletcher and Detective Parks Mystery, Book 2
by Lisa Regan
Thomas & Mercer

General Fiction (Adult) , Mystery & Thrillers
Pub Date 17 Oct 2017

I am reviewing a copy of Loosing Leah Holloway through Thomas Mercer and Netgalley:

Claire sees a car full of children go into a river, and she hurries to the rescue. Leah Holloway the mother and driver refuses to be rescued. Claire and her Ex Detective Connor Parks finds that something is fishy. What could drive this successful woman with two young boys, and a good career to go into the water?

Things are not always as good as they seem and when they investigate her death more, secrets come out, showing that her life was not really as idyllic as it looked from the outside looking in.

Soon it is linked to a Sacramento Soccer Mom Strangle that was left Leah Holloway terrified.

Will they be able to stop the serial killer before he strikes again, or will more women die?

I give Losing Leah Holloway five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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