Book Review: Henry: A Polish Swimmers True Story Of Friendship from Auschwitz to America

Henry: A Polish Swimmer’s True Story of Friendship From Auschwitz to America

by Katrina Shawver

Koehler Books

Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Members’ Titles

Biographies & Memoirs , History

Pub Date 01 Nov 2017

I am reviewing a copy of Henry: A Polish Swimmer’s True Story Of Friendship From Auschwitz to America from Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and Netgalley:

This book only came to Fruition through multiple first person interviews that were recorded from November 2002-2003 with Henry Zguda. English was his fifth language

Henry Zguda was a polish swimmer who survived three years in Auschwitz and Buchenwald during World War Two But he survived and went on to live the American dream.

Henry was catholic and had been accused to listening to the BBC he was severely beaten until he passed out.

Henry talks about poverty, and hunger but also the escape he found in swimming. He talks about his first love.

One day while sitting with the girl he was in love with, Henry was badly beaten because his attackers were certain he was Jewish. He had grown up around anti-Semitism throughout his early life, and only had three Jewish friends in that time.

Henry goes on to talk candidly about the abuse in the camps, the starvation, the depravity. He dropped to a hundred pounds, ready to die. He goes on to say he survived the camp because he was lucky and new someone. Henry survived the camp despite nearly dying of Typhoid fever and any number of infections.

In January of 1959 Henry, in January of 1960 he married Nancy a woman from a large Italian family.

I give Henry five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!

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